Welcome to animalcruelty.info – the aim of this website is for research, writing articles, making memes, making a viral facebook game.

This website is part of a much larger project of humanitarian / good causes websites (nearly 500!).
We will be restoring old websites as well as updating them in addition to making new websites, apps and facebook games.

At the moment, the redesign of this website took place on 19th January 2017, further construction will take place on the website to improve it as well as adding new functions.

If you would like to help this website or any of our other projects, you can visit our “welcome" site here: http://wel.com.es  –  This site is not yet made, but will include details of all our sites, apps,games, forums and irc chats as well as a trial discord chat service.  This is part of an Anonymous operation, see http://opawake.com  (site under development) in which efforts are being made in order to awake the masses to the injustice and suffering in our world and persuade the masses to come, join us, not only in our animal cruelty campaigns but other campaigns also.

As this is a new website, we’re in the process of research for the “kill counter" as well as research for articles.  Until such research has been completed, there is an automatic RSS feed of news below.